GLAN Dingle Peninsula is currently  being implemented in Castlegregory and Maharees by the Maharees Conservation Association team. The aim is to develop the area as a clean, green and environmentally sustainable destination.

Organisations in Maharees and Castlegregory including businesses, clubs, schools are asked by GLAN Dingle Peninsula volunteers to make ‘green and clean’ pledges/ commitments. These include: participating in 2 minute street cleans, moving away from single use plastic and implementing waste reduction practices. Each organisation receives a GLAN Dingle Peninsula sticker for the store/office front and if required, additional information, e.g. a recycling workshop, can be organised.

The response from businesses has been amazing so far, with all businesses contacted taking up pledges and making changes in how they operate. Local bars have reduced the volume of plastic straws used by removing them from counter tops. There has also been significant support for the ‘Think Before you Flush’ campaign – with businesses displaying the campaign posters in bathrooms, reminding patrons not to flush damaging items like wipes, cotton buds or plasters etc. because of the damage they do to the marine environment.

Positive Business Feedback

The team at the local supermarket, SPAR, Castlegregory has been working hard at introducing sustainable practices.

Owner, Michaeal Lynch said: “We have been segregating food waste for a while – this ends up as a digestate to produce compost and bio methane gas which is used to produce electricity. We would also segregate plastics and cardboard for recycling. Since we signed up to GLAN last summer, we have introduced compostable cups and lids for our take away coffee and teas. We no longer sell drinking straws. Another development has been the introduction of the Ballymac milk which is sold in reusable glass bottles.” Future sustainability plans for SPAR, Castlegregory include switching away from single-use carrier bags and cutlery.

Rose Spillane of Spillane’s Bar and Restaurant, Maharees said her team has been focusing on removing unnecessary plastic from the restaurant.

We think the GLAN initiative is a fantastic idea, especially in areas as beautiful as the Maharees. As a business in a tourist location, it’s up to us to provide our customer with options and opportunities to keep our surroundings beautiful. We started using compostable packaging for all our takeaways last year. This proved very popular with customers. We use compostable straws and only give them out when requested. This summer, we intend to switch from sachets to refillable bottles for condiments.  We also intend to eliminate all single-use plastic drinks bottles from our shelves. We also have a big project taking place this year as ambassadors with ESB networks, which will see us incorporating renewable technologies into our business, we’re very excited about that!

You can read more about Glan Dingle here