Derek Carroll, Manager, The Imperial Hotel, Tralee

“I first became aware of GLAN TRALEE through Tralee Chamber Alliance. Green Area Local Network. The name says it all and describes what it is.

We held an information meeting in The Imperial where businesses were asked to follow pledges regarding pushing for a safer greener environment. As a result of this meeting, we decided to change to fully compostable, straws, takeaway cups, lids, food containers. We stopped buying the individual sachets for ketchup etc. We are more conscious of water wastage and actively encourage guests to be conscious of it too.

We recycle all our paper and envelopes as many times as possible. We encourage guests to think about getting towels washed by notices on recycled menus from the bar. We no longer use individual soaps/shampoos etc for guests in our rooms. We are a refill station for people with their own water bottles.

We have a Glan 2-minute clean up station almost permanently on Denny Street to try and encourage people to clean the litter off the street. Even if they don’t, the station may convince them to pick up litter somewhere.

We publicly associated ourselves with GLAN so that hopefully businesses could see that if the Smallest Hotel in Tralee could do it, then so could they. This was all due to the spark that was ignited by GLAN TRALEE.

A fabulous group, they have hosted talks regarding all sorts of environmental awareness issues. On a recent Tourism Fam trip, around local tourist attractions, when a particular attraction presenter asked, are there any questions, what people were interested in was the recycling bins and where they sourced them. THIS, is the awareness in Tralee that has been sown, nurtured and developed by GLAN TRALEE. We are on the cusp of becoming an extremely great environmental Town that will be an example to the entire country.”